How It Works

tucson meal prep

We offer pickup, delivery, and grab n go meals

Order a la carte from the menu or subscribe to receive our weekly meal plans.

Pickup your meals on Wednesday starting at 3pm from all locations.
Saturday pickups hours are:
  • Tucson Tamale Oracle 11-6pm
  • AZ Fit Kitchen Tanque Verde/Tucson Tamale 11-6pm
  • Rock Solid 12-8pm
Deliveries are from 3-7pm on Wednesdays and 10-5pm on Saturdays
For Grab N Go, pick up meals without ordering any day of the week.

Frequently Asked Questions

What safety precautions are you taking during with the COVID-19 pandemic?

We’ve adopted a No Contact Policy with our vendors and delivery drivers. Our drivers will leave your meals outside your door and send a text confirming your delivery allowing you to get your food after he/she has left.

For orders picked up at either location, we offer the option of Curbside Delivery to you in your vehicle. You can now stay in your car, call the store to let us know you are waiting outside, and our team will bring your food to you.

East - Tanque Verde: 520-298-8404
North - Oracle: 520-403-1888
Northwest - Thornydale: 520-222-6228

We are also taking proactive steps to make our prep as safe as possible. It’s important to note the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have no reports of human illnesses that suggest COVID-19 can be transmitted by food or food packaging, but we remain vigilant in working with delivery drivers and crew members to ensure efficacy and safety remain the top priority.

Our standard procedure, since we have opened, is to treat our food surfaces and equipment with industrial strength, food safe sanitizer. Our kitchen staff has always followed handwashing protocols set forth by Pima County Health Department, and we are further following all protocols recommended by the CDC. We’ve since implemented an even more rigorous hand washing policy, as well as installed individual hand sanitizer stations for our crew members.

Read our full COVID-19 Response and Preparedness, including Contactless Delivery and Curbside Pickup

Why does the menu say, "Sold Out"?

Our menu changes over every Friday after 12pm while we prepare Saturday's orders. The next menu goes live Saturday morning, so check back then to catch the new menu for the week!

What’s the difference between regular and large meal sizes?

Regular meal size is typically aligned with the 1500 calorie daily intake plan. A great meal size for a moderately active woman age 25-40 for weight loss/management.
Per Severing Macros: 300-350Cals 25-30g Protein, 25-45g Carbs, 8-20g Fat

Large meal size is typically aligned with the 2000 calorie daily intake plan. A great meal size for a moderately active, average size male age 25-45 for weight loss/management.
Per Severing Macros: 400-450Cals 40-50g Protein, 45-60g Carbs, 12-30g Fat

These macros are reflective of average meal type therefore might not align with plant based, keto and/or other diet plan based dishes.

Where is the food made/prepared?
All of our meals are made fresh each week in our commercial kitchen,  which is fully registered/licensed with the Pima County  Health Department.  

Do you service all of Tucson? 
, we currently offer pickup locations in east, north, and northwest Tucson. We deliver throughout Tucson in a 28 mile radius.

Do you have an order minimum?
Yes, 5 dishes per order.

How/when/where do I get my food? 
completing your order before Tuesday at noon or Friday at noon, you'll select a pickup location or delivery option. Your meals will be available at that location on Wednesday at 3pm or Saturday at Noon, or they will be delivered between 3-7pm on Wednesday and 10am-5pm Saturday. New menus are released every Friday afternoon for the following week's order and pickup/delivery.

What time will my meals be ready for pickup?
Wednesday at 3pm or Saturday at Noon.

What if I can’t make my initial pickup date?
You can also pickup the following day during open hours.

What time will my meals be delivered?
between 3-7pm or Saturday between 10am-5pm.

What if I can’t be home for delivery?
Our blue delivery bags are not fully insulated for outdoor use, so if you want to food left outside, please provide a cooler with ice packs or something to maintain a cool temperature.

What if I have food allergies or dislikes?
In regard to dislikes, we do our best to offer a wide variety of meals each week in order to give you options.  In regard to allergies, we follow Pima County Health requirements for proper handling of food, and our meals are labeled for potential allergens such as dairy, nuts, eggs, shellfish and so on.  We do work in a commercial kitchen where many allergens are present at this time, so 
we are unable to support those with severe allergies. 

How do I reheat my meals?
All of our meals are intended  for reheating and are packaged in microwave safe containers.  Most items are ready to eat within 60-90 seconds in a standard microwave.  Some dishes are cooked to a lower internal temperature to allow the  reheating process to finish cooking the item.  An example is steak, which we cook to medium rare allowing you
to heat them for more or less time to reach your preferred "doneness." 

How long are my meals good for?
Because we make these meals fresh and don't use any preservatives in our production process, meals are good for ~6 days refrigerated but can be frozen. We recommend you order what you know you can consume within 5-6 days and order more when needed vs. freezing and/or eating food greater than  6 days old.