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Fresh, fit-minded food for busy people

Hi, my name is Robb, thanks for giving my team and myself the opportunity to help you on your fitness journey! All of our meals are designed to help busy people avoid poor food choices like junk food or fast food during their hectic week.  Perhaps even more importantly, I want to give you back valuable time. Did you know the average person would spend 12-15 hours a week meal prepping for themselves, adding an additional hour or so for each person you need to prep for?!

I have a dream that through these meals, I’ll have the opportunity to educate and empower the busy people I serve on how to best avoid the numerous health issues faced by the working class.  In fact, it was my former 65-80-hour work week, high stress and travel burdened job that inspired me to change my life.  I noticed despite my success at work I wasn’t looking or feeling like myself. I had put on a few pounds and was rounding into a traditional “dad bod.” I decided it was time for a change.  Soon after friends and family noticed my results, they asked what I was eating and if I was working with a trainer. My response: my food and my workout plans.  They convinced me I had a calling, and it was my responsibility to share my approach and more importantly my food with others. Here we go!

There are numerous people who’ve supported me along the way, and I’d like to call out a few who’ve played a key role. Thanks to my supportive and amazing family, my wife Meghan and our two little men, all my friends and family, my original athletes Dani Pressler and Zach Schultz along with Todd and Sherry M.

Robb Walker 
AZ Fit Kitchen, Founder