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Lifestyle Subscriptions

Lifestyle Subscriptions

Stay committed with our Lifestyle Meal Subscriptions, weekly subscriptions to our chef-selected meal plans to help you stay on track towards your health and fitness goals!

Stay on track and dedicate 4-8 weeks to your personal diet, training, and lifestyle. With meals provided for you, you’ll be on a path to not only be better prepared to start, but better prepared to succeed!

This is one of the first steps you can take towards your ideal lifestyle and you’ll be joining countless others across the community in achieving your goals with AZ Fit Kitchen meals. 

The Lifestyle Subscription is all about setting it and forgetting it. Now you can put your energy into other activities and get back time to focus on yourself.

While your own unique goals are filled with choices, the individual meals are set with less variety and more consistent in calorie and macro-nutrient distributions.

Consistent meals over a consistent period of time is proven to allow your body to do MORE with the same ingredients and nutrition. This is to keep you on the right path and allow time for your body to adjust.


After your initial order, your renewal date will be shifted to a new day of the week relative to your pickup date:

Wednesday Orders - Renew on Sunday at 00:00
Saturday Orders - Renew on Wednesday at 00:00


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