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The Magic of Cauliflower

Today’s highlight is a simple Cauliflower Mac and Cheese that I paired with all natural chicken breast. Cauliflower is amazing it can turn itself into just about anything you can imagine.  This recipe is just one more example of it's low carb versatility.
Before I dish on the dish, let’s talk quickly about Keto or Ketogenic Dieting. If you know me, you’ve likely heard me say “just about all diets work for a period of time because they are rooted in some science”.  You’ve also likely heard me follow that statement up with “the key is forming a healthy relationship with food and exercising so that you can achieve a maintainable healthy lifestyle.” Fad or crash diets don’t work because you can't sustain them. 
Keto or Ketogenic dieting puts the body into a metabolic state known as ketosis. This means your body is generating ketones, which your body does naturally to generate energy from fat when carbs sources are low after working out or long fasting periods. Keto diets are a way of hacking your body into this starvation-like state and results in body fat loss.
With this low carb approach in mind, let's cover how we make this dish.

Cauliflower is amazing it can turn itself into just about anything you can imagine.  

  • My approach is simple: I used heavy cream, and a white and yellow cheese along with cream cheese and a head of cauliflower.
  • Unlike cauliflower rice with pasta, you don’t want to break down the raw head too much, I’d recommend just a rough chop.
  • Once you've got your rough chop, you want to steam or blanch it and then use a paper towel to pull out some of the excess water.
  • Next you’ll roast the cauliflower pieces which gives it structure and take out some more water. While it’s roasting use the heavy cream and cheeses to make your sauce by slowly heating them into a creamy consistency.
  • Ladle your cheese sauce over the cauliflower and let it finish in the oven to a nice golden brown edge.
Low carb cheesy goodness and you’d never guess it started out as cauliflower. Like I said it’s one amazing veggie!
We’ve begun adding more dishes that work with this diet type and based on customer feedback, we’ll likely keep them coming.